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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Penne and Spaghetti

This is a perfect meal for those lazy weekday evenings, especially when you run out of groceries and have one of each vegetable to a crisis to manage!?!...and such creations happen...

I buy whole wheat or the multi grain pastas; Blanch all the veggies (preferably one by one) - zucchini, carrots,cucumber, bell pepper. Roast a diced onions, stir fry all the veggies and fold in the pastas. Add enough salt and pepper, sprinkle herbs - rosemary, oregano and basil. Garnished with coriander leaves/cilantro and of course grated Parmesan...

Fast to cook and good to eat.


  1. Thats a unique combo'...never tried penne and sphagetti together...must be taste:)

  2. hey
    thanks for stopping by and it did taste good.... I think weird comboz are my thing (lol)

    I saw ur blog and its really do keep visiting and take care...lets cook more and share more such recipes :P

  3. wow, thats a different dish with both together!.. I've never tried this before, niceee :), you have a wonderful blog!!

  4. Hey Devi
    Thank you for the compliment. I would love to hear more from keep stopping by and letting me know what you think....It would mean a lot coming from a seasoned blogger like you :)

    Saw your blog and loved it ....So professionally done and presented recipes..yum!



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