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Monday, April 11, 2011

Heart(h) and Home : Anu's Inpspiring Kitchen

I am back with a lovely kitchen tour and its a pleasure to feature Anu Gummaraju's Kitchen. It has been a long pending post. Apologies for the delay in bringing this delightful kitchen, the home to her lovely blog - Scatter the Batter

So get set and fasten your seat belts while I cruise you through this lovely bengaluru kitchen...more pics and less talking *wink*

Entering her lovely kitchen...

moving over to the cozy breakfast nook

Stainless steel vessels, canisters and utensils...dont they look so cool! I am a huge fan of traditional Indian canister, pots and pan :-) ~

and a lovely mug collection hung from such exquisite hooks! yum!

I love witty posters and no kitchen is complete without one ~~
(a balanced diet is a cookie in each true!
Loved her pooja corner (the brass bell shelf on the left) and the classy roman blinds...:)

simple things like a cute spice rack or a neatly decked open shelf makes for an inviting kitchen ...apart from the yummy food cooked there of course

a devour

And finally some long shots to sink all the yumminess in :-)

Super cool kitchen..isn't it .. I hope you like the tour as much as i loved bringing it to avial and rasam. I am sure you must be craving for leave me your comments and then hop over to Anu's complete home tour on Rekha and Sharon's blog : The Key Bunch...I am sure you will love it!

so until next time take care, eat well and live green :)

PS: another very pretty kitchen tour featured earlier - Preethi's Perky Kitchen


  1. Hey Sudha! Thx a bunch and u've made it look good here :D!

  2. Hi Sudha, Loved the small kitchen table.. It gave me a good idea for mine:)
    Doubt the utility of the shelfs at the top, they don't seem to be very accessible..what say??

  3. hey moni

    cool that you like the idea and are inspired :)...I should ask anu about the utility :)

  4. Lovely kitchen ideas here. Thanks a lot.
    Busy with guests, so not much blogging or facebook too.
    Bye have a great weekend.



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