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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lauki Juice/ Bottle gourd juice for battling obesity

People familiar with yogi Ramdev from India would be familiar with his juice recommendations to tackle obesity and diabetes.

Lauki for weight loss
One glass of raw bottle gourd (lauki/sorakkai) juice with a pinch of dry ginger and pepper powder. It works great due to its holistic approach to weight loss. It works on the digestive system as a whole and provides relief from major issues such as constipation, bloating, indigestion and most importantly provides us with water (in disguise). There are numerous other good things happening with this juice.

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It is important to follow instructions completely. I say this because, pepper /dry ginger powder has to be added to your glass of juice. Lauki / bottle gourd/ Sqaush is a "coolant". "Heat" from ginger powder or pepper balances the "cold". It is also important to wash the vegetable thoroughly and blend it with the skin for that extra fiber in your diet. Try this and you wouldn't need those 'soluble" store bought "fiber" tablets in a glass of water!

Karela, tamatar aur keera for controlling Diabetes
Same fundamental applies to bitter gourd, tomato and cucumber juice recommended for tackling diabetes. It is better to have all three vegetables together so that any adverse effects of either of the veggies are balanced out by the other. People who are on medication or are battling ailments, respond differently to different food. Ayurvedic experts put in aspects of Vatha(wind), Pittha (bile) and Kapha(phlegm) in our body and look at ways to balance them by coming up with the list of do's and don't. It is better to follow simple inputs with care.

Bitter gourd:

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  2. Great post I read this blog about Lauki Juice/ Bottle gourd juice for battling obesity some other juice like Karela juice, tamatar aur keera for controlling Diabetes.



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