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Monday, December 12, 2011

Heart(h) and Home ~ Subasri's Tuscan inspired Kitchen

I have been a fan of Subasri's photography for a long time now. For people who are active on flickr, Sri needs no introduction. She is a supermom!! a wonderful cook and an amazing photographer. She also manages to squeeze in her art and craft projects along the way! I am glad she agreed to let us peek into her beautiful Tuscan inspired kitchen.

Hop on to soak in all the yummy can find her artwork in every corner :)

Same space with a little change in decor...a huge fan of the cute masala box /the wooden box with ceramic cubbies 

In love with her accessories :-)..all the paintings and pottery are hers and her daughters' work

Beautiful display needle point work by her grandmother

A few changes and the same space looks so different..loved her artwork on the wall

view of the dining area 

I am floored :)....Creativity oozing from every accessory in her lovely kitchen- Mexican pottery used for storing onion and potatoesHide all

a close up

And as I mentioned she is a wonderful cook :)...another yummy dish in the making

Creativity ~ can make everyday kitchen ingredients look so classy.

Take a deep breath and let the yumminess sink in...

Hope you liked the tour ...If you like to see more of her is the link to her FLICKR stream!

PS: more kitchen tours >> Kitchen tours ~ Heart(h) and home


  1. love her kitchen, every little detail. And that mexican pottery holding the onions,etc is awesome.Thanks for the tour, this lady is sure after my heart...her love for pottery & I couldn't help but notice she has the french bible by Juila Child..yes i notice things like that:))

  2. She has amazingly beautiful kitchen, love her knick knacks and the way she arranges things in her kitchen....truely inspiring!!

  3. Lovely kitchen.... !!! Love the pottery collection , the art prints on the wall... Very inspiring !!

  4. Absolutely wonderful kitchen. Thank you Sudha and Subasri.

  5. Lovely kitchen. That mexican pottery stand is awesome.

  6. I'm always ogling her pictures on Flickr--her kitchen is beautiful, love every element!!

  7. Lovely kitchen and beautiful colors

  8. Thank you Purple homes ,Disha , Emreen ,Rama Sreevalli ,Shanthi , GB ,Asha & Geetha.

    Special thanks to Sudha for this lovely writeup !!!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog...this is a beautful house plus i see interesting recipes on ur blog! :)

  10. Lovely to see the full kitchen, so far I've only had little peeks of it on flickr! Sri, love your artistic style.....and love how you transformed the same corners so easily.

  11. Simply love the colors and creativity oozing from every corner - fabulous!:)



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