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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Heart(h) n Home : Kamini's Eclectic Kitchen

Kaminia well known name in the design and travel blogger circles, is a major source of inspiration for me. She is a wonderful artist, great DIYer, and a beautiful human being. :-). I spoke about her entryway on the Design Enthusiast and wanted to share a kitchen tour on the food blog :) (dint want my food blogging friends to miss out on a wonderful home tour ..:-)

Kamini was gracious to take us on over to K :)
I wanted the Kitchen to be modern in terms of conveniences, but traditional in the things I use. The flooring is simple ceramic tile.

Modular kitchens though very functional are very clinical and boring. I added some of my favorite pottery dishes on top to bring in some color.

I have my mortar and pestle collection, my brass cookware collection, my ceramic spice jar collection and my measuring cup/spoon collection all side by side.

The backsplash is a very subdued gray and white but I added 2 handmade tiles from Seattle into it to remind me of the city I spent 23 years in.

The kitchen has everything we had in our US kitchen in terms of conveniences, but the traditional brass and copper ware I have, along with my pottery collection and the red ceramic tile flooring, bring in a touch of warmth to an otherwise clinic modular kitchen.

The red wooden shelf to hold some more dishes is another weekend DIY project.

 The red painted recipe book stand is actually an old Laccadivian coconut scraper.

Close up of the stand

I love to cook and I love my kitchen although I still complain there isn’t enough counter space!!!! :-)

My mug collection 

Pottery and recipe books


Lovely kitchen. Thank you Kamini, for letting us peek into your beautiful space :)

Pictures courtesy: Kamini R


  1. wow..that is one dream kitchen


  2. beautiful kitchen indeed! :)) kudos to K! i dream of kitchens all the time!
    and sorry for the super late reply to your comment on one of the posts on my blog. so much of coincidence that we have those 3 things in common - BARC, AECS, our introduction to the world via grandparents' kitchen and our love for FOOD! :D :D am still giggling about it. i don't blog regularly. it slipped out of my mind to reply to you. sorry again! and much love and hugs. would love to keep in touch :)

  3. Have always been a fan of Kamini's design aesthetics. I love all the personal touches in her Kitchen- the stained glass doors, the antique brass pathrams. K- I had to look up what Laccadavian was! :)

  4. I love how Kamini uses color. Such a lovely kitchen!

  5. Lovely space Kamini... Love all the colorful pottery pieces, the antique brass vessels ...

  6. Love the space, kamini and thanks for bringing in Sudha...So many ideas we can get through this post...



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