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Monday, January 10, 2011

Heart(h) n Home: Preethi's Perky kitchen

I am back with a sneak peek into Preethi's Kitchen. When I decided to start a series on Kitchen tours, Preethi  of Indya kaleidoscope was the first to respond to my request.

Lets take the tour....
Her tiny, yet functional space, is  a real eye candy. Her kitchen reflects her eye for detail and seeing beauty in everything around her.She has made the most of the tiny space in her rental apartment. Join me in appreciating her space!

Who wouldnt love her collection of witty posters.

super cool shelf...(cant help my love for vintage (looking) stuff...:)

I am drooling over her terracota collection right now!

another view

Pretty storage containers for cooking oil
Well organized...isnt it

I love her collection of tea pots and the brass lunch carrier...

loved her DIY to light up shelves - She has put up diwali lights permanently on the shelves

Long shot view of her tiny yet very functional nook

Thank you Preethi, for letting us peek into your kitchen..loved the way you made this small rental kitchen so special.

PS: click on the pics for a better view...Check out her mini home tour on her blog- Indya Kaleidoscope - link


  1. Thank you so much :) It is an honor for my tiny kitchen to be the first in the series :)
    Thank you again Sudha :)

  2. Hey, this is a one cool kitchen...loved the witty posters...I might copy this idea, Preeti :)

  3. lovely insight to a wonderful kitchen --it pours warmth and love and of course dishes from that hearth would be yumm ! kudos sudha and preethi

  4. My favorite posters have to be "take it or leave it" and "sexy women have messy kitchens"!!

    Absolutely droolworthy space!!! :)

  5. *sigh* could it get more gorgeous than this!!

  6. Ihave a messy kitchen...!!!!!!!!

  7. tats not cool! i wan sexy woman with neat kitchen xD

  8. I came over to ask you to send in pics of your kitchen to be on STB... and look what I find :). Very nice feature :).

    Lovely kitchen Preethi!

  9. Such a neat little space! Love how you've made it your own with all those personal touches. The Dinner Choices poster is brilliant! :D

  10. Just a note: You can't use license your work using Creative Commons Attribution and at the same time say "Please do not copy without permission." Instead, the sentence should say "Please do not copy without attribution to this blog" (and include additional things to include in the attribution, like your name).



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