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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vivaha Bhojanambu - A Movie and Food Enthusiast's delight :)

I love food, and black and white movies. Keeping in tune with my likes, I wanted to share this amazing video of a Classic Telugu song from the movie "Mayabazaar". I am sure there would be no Telugu speaking individual who doesn't know or like this song. Old telugu movies remind me of my Chittappa (uncle) (Mr Sivaraman). He is an ardent admirer of black and white classics.

Mayabazaar is considered a landmark in Telugu cinema and has the greatest legends portraying larger than life characters.  NTR, ANR, Savithri, SV Ranga rao all in their shining glory! This movie was a major hit during its time and is still an all time favourite. I am looking forward to see the colour version of this Telugu classic. It is being digitized and all set to hit screens this year (I guess).


The movie was dubbed into tamil, and kannada.I am not sure if there is a Malayalam version of this movie (i remember seeing one clipping shot by Sreekumar for a TV show)...... This song in particular has food mentioned in it in a very classy way. How could I not love it...right!??..

This song comes in when Sri S V Ranga Rao, essaying the role of Ghatothkacha in this movie,  finishes off Savithri's (Princess Sashirekha's) Pelli (wedding) Bhojanam (feast/food). All this being a part of a master plan to unite Princess Sasirekha with Prince Abhimanyu....Enjoy the video!

Original Telugu version

The tamil version of this song sung by a budding artist...I couldn't get the movie version online due to copyright

Kannada version

Malayalam version fo the song...(not in a movie though)

Talking about food and music....there is another song I like..this is from a movie called Unnal mudiyum thambi...(Telugu movie- Rudra veena)

videos source/courtesy: youtube

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