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Friday, May 1, 2009

enakku samayal theriyuma?

Coming from a typical pallakad iyer paramparai came naturally to me. At least, so I think! Amma's experiments introduced me to a whole array of cuisines and vegetarian delicacies. Being a no-fuss eater helped me relish whatever amma made. On the way through these years, I consciously and otherwise picked up tips and recipes from paatis, ammas, chithis, and atthais around me. I should not forget mentioning my friends' influences on my cooking. I hope to create a collection of my thoughts about sapaadu. I was not sure if I wanted to get into blogging about kitchen, food or recipes. As I did not want to get lost in the ever growig number of food blogs. But yet again, out of the blue, on the insistence of my kid sister- Praveena. I am here. Writing about my first love - Food!...yum..


  1. :)... u better continue..
    and thank u thank u..:).. really!!:)

  2. Sure dear...luv u for the encouragement!

  3. sudha it is very good thought continue and it helps many people and after some time u can make book



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