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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ugaadhi Subaakaankshalu

Looking forward to a very prosperous and peaceful new year. Ugaadhi is the first day of the Telugu/Kannada and Marathi calender. Kanada(Ugaadhi), Telugu (Ugaadhi) and the Marathi (Gudi Padva) - the first day of the Chaitra month (lunar-solar) calender. We make the customary uggadhi pacchadi on this day. Eating this special mixture consisting of: bitter, sweet, sour, tangy and heat/spice flavours is a way to welcome the new year and accept what is in store with grace and hope for the best.

Ugaadi pacchadi
  • Neem Buds/Flowers - bitter
  • Raw Mango - tangy
  • Tamarind - sour
  • Green Chilli/Pepper - heat
  • Jaggery -sweet
  • Salt

Among various dishes served for lunch, pulihora /puliodharai is my favourite
Wishing all of you a very happy new year

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