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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gone Semiya Crazy today!

This is the simplest version of full meal loaded with starch and cucumber being the only veggie in the menu today. I did not want to eat rice so went ahead with boiling a lot of semiya/ Vermicelli for three different versions of semiya for lunch. These are a take on sevai varieties made in our kitchens (expect for the thayir/curd variety). Nothing innovative about these!

Base ingredient:

Boiled required amount of semiya (preferably whole wheat) with a drop of oil and salt until half done (al-dante)

Now the variations...

Lemon (Elmichampazham) Semiya:
just put in the same south Indian tempering you would have for lemon rice. Just mix in semiya instead of rice. I went low on turmeric this time.

Coconut (Thenga) semiya
same with this, use the thenga sadam (cocout rice) tempering to mix in semiya

Cucumber Thayir (curd) semiya:
Make a basic cucumber thayir pacchadi and add the semiya to it.

Thats it my lunch for the day is done!

One great tip from my Mangala Chitthi's  kitchen: (lol....she doesn't know I picked this from her)
Use a little moong dal along with chana dal and urad dal in your tempering for poha, or any semiya/ rice variety for that extra crunch.

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