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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Feta Cheese Roti

Cheese is a pantry staple of sorts in my kitchen. I have experimented with almost all kinds of cheese available in the market. This time around I had some grainy FETA cheese in the freezer. I first started experimenting with  feta cheese while in Cyprus.

About FETA
It is a great crumbly cheese with a salty flavour. It is basically a salted goat and sheep milk cheese from Greece. It was taken to Italy and further into Europe later in 1400's. Similar cheeses are made in different countries throughout the Mediterranean. My first stint with Feta (a basic curdled and aged cheese stored in salt water) was with the Cyrpus version of Feta. This cheese is slightly different from the original Feta from Greece. The name Feta is however a corruption of the Italian word Fetta (which means slice).

Feta is a crumbly, salty cheese which is great served fresh in a salad, as a slice with crackers, as a psread o bread/roti, used as an ingredient by pastry chefs.

Interesting facts about Feta Cheese
  • Traditional feta is majorly sheep milk with less than 30% goat milk. We also have cow milk feta though.
  • Since 2005, feta has been a protected designation of origin (PDO) product in the European Union.
  • Popular traditional dishes made with Feta-  spanakopita ("spinach pie") and tyropita ("cheese pie" with olive oil and vegetables). i'll write bout these vegetarian Greek dishes in my future posts.

My Feta cheese roti...
I tried a variation of paneer roti (the add to flour kind and not the stuffed recipe). It has come out really well. We need not add salt to the dough, however a little bit of oregano and chilli flakes make it yummier. The last time I made Feta cheese roti, I used a little garam masala. The combo for today was guacamole and raajma. I did not use oil to make them, so dint call them parata. Try it out and let me know and if you already experimented the combo, then you know what I mean! ;) .

PS: I dint add a picture because the roti dint look anything different from a usual roti in pictures...

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