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Monday, November 16, 2009

Food and I

My physical well being has been out of sync with me for the last ten years, that is all through my twenties. Most allopathic and ayurvedic treatments have no cure for bringing me back to being functional. It is tough to deal with an over active mind but an equally limited physical disposition. It is a battle each day. I am not here to give my health report. lol, but to jot down my persistent search for food that heals and cures ailments. I have not been successful yet. I have not give up.

I wanted to tackle thyriod dysfunction for starters. I am constantly looking for material on what helps and what needs to be avoided by a hypo-thyroid patient. "Hypo" translates to an under active thyroid gland (king of the endrocrine system).Under active or an over active thyroid throws the entire body clock out of sync. An early morning dose of the oral thyroid supplement is our life saver. It is really tough to explain the entire trauma we go through, specially to someone who does not have a dysfunction. Rather, same thing applies to any ailment, healthy mind needs a healthy body and vice versa. It is rather a curse to be dealing with some ailment during the most productive years of one's life. Let me get to the list of food before I make this post rather rantings of a confused foodie. :)

A picture of my typical lunch menu minus the brown rice. 

What works for a hypo gland doenst work for the hyper, so the diet is exactly the opposite for each of these patients. Hypo thyroid calls for avoidance of any cruciferous food including cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, soya etc. Low fat food works well this is majorly because the lack of (TSH)Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. Lack of this hormone leads to a low metabolism in patients and a resulting fat accumulation. Artificially preserved or pre processed food is a complete no no in my food list. I try to cook every meal from scratch and bake my own whole meal bread, cookies and snacks. Caffeine is another strict don't the diet. Fresh fruits and veggies properly washed see their way into my meal. I specialize in low fat or no fat cooking. All said and done, I am not sure where I am going wrong...So the explorations continue.


  1. Sudha akka ..

    Was going thru ur page !..
    However the Pics in the blog are not opening up..
    can u please check that.. or it is a problem at my end?

  2. The pics are fine, I checked with m-in-law..she said it is fine ...check onc again and let know



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