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Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Humble Salt and Pepper Shakers and a Blog carnival

Preethi of Indya Kaleidoscope told me about this super cool Salt and Peppa! blog party happening at Scatter the Batter. I decided to join in. What better way to get acquainted with fellow (food) bloggers..come on... lets face it...Avial and Rasam hardly has any friends...(lol) here is a snap shot of whatz at home. I have this really cute cheery yellow salt and pepper shaker my Parents-in-law bought me on their visit and a subsequent trip the US West coast.

They are not food grade so they just bring in a dash of yellow and a pop into a rather bland, white kitchen.
I couldnt take a picture with them in their actual my kitchen doesnt receive enough sun light. :)...

I am particularly proud of my thrift store find - The vintage pepper grinder for a $ works ok and looks super cute on my countertop!!

While I am on a trip to connect with fellow bloggers, let me mention a super cool contest/giveaway Preethi has organized on her blog...more details here and here..all the best I go to join the Salt and Peppa party at Scatter the batter...:)..until later..take care folks and eat healthy...remember you are what you eat!


  1. Hi Sudha,

    I've been reading your blog a couple of months now :). VERY glad to connect with you and thanks a bunch for joining the party and mentioning scatter the batter!

  2. The wooden pepper shaker is really cute and the bright yellows are awesome :) It was really a smart choice to photograph them against the wooden background. The final effect is superb :)

  3. thank you feels nice to know that you read my posts...:)..i admire your blogs too.

  4. Hey Preethi
    thats a sweet thing to is a pepper grinder not just a shaker and is dates back to the 60's

  5. Those SnP shakers look so cute.. saw Preethi's blog too n it was great...

  6. thanks sangeeta :) did you enter the giveaway at preethiz blog

  7. ohh i am so feeling sorry for myself. I wonder what more important things i have forgotten :0
    I have a pair of nice salt n pepper mills and nice ceramic SnP shakers too.



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