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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vegetarian / vegan whole wheat Ginger Snap cookies

I had promised that I would make a batch of yummy ginger snap cookies and post it on my blog. These were an eggless version of the AT - recipe...Better late than never! Though the baking and the picture clicking happened a long time ago, I could get to writing about it only now....
These cookies are aptly called "Snap cookies". I am not sure if it is because of the time required to make them or the snappy gingery flavour....They are wholesome and yummy - Made from whole wheat and jaggery or light brown sugar..

You need: makes about 25 cookies
whole wheat flour - 2 1/4 cups
baking soda -1 teaspoon
ground garam masala (Indian all spice mix)- 2 teaspoons (or lesser)
ground ginger - 2 teaspoons
salt -1/4t
Jaggery - 2/3 cup or Light brown sugar - 1 cup
butter / oil - 4tbsp
lemon or orange zest - 1 tsp
Vinegar or lemon juice- 1tbsp
Elaichi powder - 2tsp
water - 1/3 cup or as required (the dough must be consistent enough to be rolled )
one bowl of raw or white sugar to roll cookies

  • Use the middle position in the oven and preheat at 350 F  
  • Mix jaggery or sugar and oil and whisk them together with your hand (preferably)
  • Once they blend well, add dry ingredients into the suagr oil mixture
  • Add orange or lemon zest, (Cardamom) elaichi powder, water, the lemon juice/vinegar
  • to make even sized cookies, use a tablespoon, scoop the dough out of the mixing bowl.
  • Shape each spoonful into a ball and roll the ball in some raw sugar.
  • The dough will look a bit mushy and wet, moisten your hands with water before you roll out the cookies.
  • Once it's coated evenly, place in on a cookie sheet. Pat it down gently in the middle
  • Space cookies 2" apart and Bake at 350 for 10 minutes exactly
  • Thing to note: Let the cookies remain on the sheet for 1 minute.
  • Shift them onto a different plate or a cooling rack
  • once cool; store them in an air tight container
Yummy home made easy cookies in a Snap!!

Sugar facts
Raw sugar is the minimal processed version of the sugar derived from its source, say Cane.  For example, the Turbinado sugar. It is not exactly Raw in nature, it is just that it goes thru minimal processing and cleaning.
Image source: wiki

White sugar is sugar  from cane minus the molasses spun out by a centrifugal process.
Image source: wiki

Brown sugar is nothing but white sugar with molasses added back to it.
Image source:

Other natural sweetner choice?- How about Jaggery?  Another version of the cane-juice processed traditionally on high flame but not put through centrifuge.
Image source: wiki


  1. Hi Mimi
    thank you for stopping by...I saw your blog and fell in love with it...Thank you for your compliment... :) (Blush).it means a lot coming from a seasoned pastry expert like you :)

  2. Good explanations. Most westerners do not know what Jaggery is....and I have the good fortune of a MIL who taught me all about East African Cooking! These look like great little cookies

  3. Hi Trish

    I am so glad you stopped by....thank you for the comment. I know what you are saying...the culinary world is so vast and expansive that, It is a learning experience everyday!!...Please keep stopping by and sharing your ideas and opinions with me :)

    take care



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