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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Srinath's bday - Updates from my kitchen

I wish I was stronger and healthier. I am loosing my patience and am not quite happy about it. the worst part, I am loosing interest to even enter my kitchen. Not a good sign, for I believed that I was born to experiment with food. I hope that it is just a phase and wont last long.

It was srinath's bday yesterday (he shares it with my amma :-) ). I am a stay-at-home -wife (cant think of any other euphemisms as of now! ). I make it a point to provide srinath with three hot meals and tea with snacks (with my state, it is an effort. But that's the least i do :( . I generally bake a cake or at least make some dessert but missed it yesterday. I am disappointed. But will make it up with a cake baking session over the weekend. Haven't thought about the type of cake yet but I am planning to make it more elaborate this time. I read about Ginger snap cookies on AT - Kitchen and am going to try it (mine will be egg less).

Yesterday's menu included : Jeera Mutter Rice, (chow chow, beans, yellow and red capsicum) mixed veg koorma, Jeera Aaloo (with onions) and cucumber raitha and of course appalam. Pooja brought in some really yummy kheer the previous evening so I skipped making payasam (guilty!).

Srinath had some idli and coconut chutney (both from the fridge) for dinner while I was too sick to get up. I don't like it when special days turn out too drab. It may be my depression talking, but that's all for now before I make this post too boring and cynical. cya!

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