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Friday, June 3, 2011

Arisi (Rice) Puttu ~ Srilankan style

Made new friends after moving to this apartment. Great girls... among them is an amazing baker and cook, Sindhu. I plan to do a post on her cakes sometime soon...just waiting for a small Q&A session with her..:)..Coming to the post, Puttu is a very healthy and soulful breakfast food and is very popular in Kerala. I am used to rice and raagi puttu. This time around, Sindhu made rice puttu and I thought id document Sindhu's verison - Srilankan recipe, on Avial and Rasam. I found that the procedure being same, the only difference was the use of all purpose flour.

Measure rice flour

Add all purpose flour, salt, and some hot water and blend into crumbly dough

lay out the dough and crumble it

this is how it looks after a nice crumbling session

Now getting ready to layer...she used store bought  frozen coconut.(shredded)

Layer the crumbled dough and coconut alternately to an inch below the top.

fill the puttu pot with water 

and put the filled puttu kozha (pipe)..:) on the pot

Let it steam for 8-10 minutes and roll it out to cool...I was uanble to resist the yummy couldnt click pictures of the served plate (can you blame me!!)

serving suggestions: 
Chana, chole, Grazy subzi, chutney, soups or plain raitha goes well with anything...i ll try posting the ragi puttu i generally make. Infact i also make broken wheat hubby loves it..:)..Thank you Sindhu for letting me click the pics. I hope to feature a lot many more dishes from the Srilankan cuisine...waiting for you to oblige :)


  1. yes chandana it is very simple, but a little time consuming thats all :)

  2. Puttu is my favourite . After looking at the pics I am craving for some right now..:) Very fulfilling breakfast..

  3. Love puttu anytime, havent had since a long, simply inviting..

  4. Lovely puttu, I have to try this out sometime.



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