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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Germany 's Influence on World Cuisine - Beyond Beer and Sausages

Germany is known for its Oktober fest and the beer loving population. There is more to Germany and its cuisine. It may not be as popular as its snooty counterpart - French food!!...but the German Kitchens have contributed more than fair share to the world cuisine.

Interested in knowing more about German food??

If you thought German cuisine was nothing more than Beer and Sausages. Then you definitely need to see this episode of Planet food - Germany special!!

The n number of bread varieties and the desserts are to die for...If you have eaten Black forest cake and love it..It is good to know that it is from a region by the same name- Black Forest in Germany..Here is how its made...


PS: I am in the process of researching more on similarities and variants of vegetarian dishes from Germany (Oh yes! there are quite a few of them !!). I ll be back with a post soon :")


  1. Enjoyed goin thru ur wonderful space .... The sambhar powder recipe is surely the great one !!
    I'm glad u enjoyed goin thru my creations ... thanks for sharing it on ur blog !!
    Will keep visiting for more virtual treats ..

    - Smita

  2. Hey Smita
    Thank you for the actually feels like brush with a celebrity :)..oh yes, that you are!!



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