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Friday, January 22, 2010

Random musings

It is a crusade of sorts against junk food and excessive dependence on unnecessarily packaged, or canned food. I keep requesting friends and family not to expose their children to store bought snacks and cookies. Before we reach out to buy a plastic wrapped cookie pack, we need to think about all the chemical formulations which must have gone into extending their shelf life. This applies to store bought diced fruits, frozen vegetables, and juices as well. Do we really need to feed our ourselves and the future generations with all this junk and the unnecessary dosage of chemical.
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As a rule, any organic or health food is never "yummy". Food processing companies have been constantly feeding our imagination with numerous ads and campaigns. And the entire population has actually bought the idea of convenience over healthy food habits. It hurts to see children get stubborn about eating out all in the name of finding a small plastic toy in their meal pack.

It pains to see that these companies do not look beyond marketing techniques, sales reports and year wise profits. These numbers and figures seem more important than the health and well being of population in general. Are there FMCGs which thinks beyond sales reports and marketing plans and genuinely think about public health?...My search is on...

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The food processing industry may have penetrated an average family's pantry to a great extent but things can change, parents need to put in effort to save their children from kidney failures, gall bladder issues, fertility and neurological problems. Lead and other metal deposits from canned food, BPA from plastic bottles, tertra packs and other plastic packaging, are the silent killers. The sooner we wake up the better for all of us..We need to reinstate our faith in Vasudeva Kutumbam (sanskrith)- which means - the whole world is one family....tragedy for any one member in the family ripples out to affect everyone among us....Doesn't the same fundamental prove right with every issue our planet is facing today?...I pray for everyone of us to live minimal and remember that our planet is not ours but has been loaned to us by our future generations...We are responsible for what we do today, as it is sure to leave an impact for our future generations to deal with. We think about accumulating wealth and money for our children and leave out the most important point...a healthy living environment for them to enjoy all the money we plan to leave....all this reminds me of H G Well's idea of the 22nd century ....:(...i just hope it wont turn out as bad as he imagined it to be...


  1. Loved this article....I prefer to make my own food and cookies too! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Thank u Mari....your blog has the yummiest baked goods ever!!



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