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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vegetarian /Vegan Biscotti for srinath's bday

Having missed baking a cake on Srinath's bday, I baked a batch of double chocolate, raisins and almond biscotti for him. Couldn't click pictures of the entire batch and clicked only these crumbs. No complaints, it is a huge compliment for the Chef/cook that the dish was appreciated. Right!

My baking inspirations come from two women: Giada and Paula Deen (courtesy: Food Network). I substitute a lot of things to turn my home productions into true vegetarian delight. That means minus the egg or egg substitutes. I am ok with the texture and feel of my baked goodies and never used eggs in my recipes.

Coming to the Biscotti made at home:

This is a double chocolate raisins and almond biscotti (means twice baked in italain). I first baked a square cookie using my standard eggless recipe. The dough needs to be stiff enough to be shaped as a square or a long bread. Feel free to use your hands. After a first round baking at 375F until done, let it cool for half an hour. Then, cut slices of the "cake" and lay it out on a baking sheet and bake it at 350F for another 8 minutes. Perfecto!

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