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Friday, May 8, 2009

Samayal and saapaadu!

We all are aware of basic food groups. It is exciting to see how people across continents view their food. The more I explore for differences among cuisines, the more similar they seem. All of us more or less have a good balance of the food pyramid. Each cuisine has its own favorite for starch/carbohydrate, protein, fat and fiber. The eastern counterparts like their rice noodles with their favorite meat or sea food floating in a sauce base and in a bed of veggies. As we move towards west on the globe, we see more varieties of starch, soups, sauces and not to forget desserts.

I have always been fascinated by anything related to food, it's preparation patterns and the whole science which goes into a recipe. I view the process of cooking as an art and of course, relish anything vegetarian. I should admit that I could get touchy with names of dishes. Especially traditional cooking methods and recipes. For example, I prefer that saambhaar is not confused with anything which is made with tamarind water, lentils and veggies. It is an insult to the dish. Moreover, the andhra pappu chaaru, kozhambu have their own identity so it is better not to give them an identity crisis :). This sensitivity of mine extends to every cuisine, not just Indian food.

so that is it for now. See you soon.


  1. Yes i agree.. but its inevitable for ppl like me to call Cooked Dal + vegetables + sambar powder as Sambar..:| :|..

  2. understandable dear.....all are not on the same plane with things in life :)



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